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Board 24

Board24 are an award winning packaging company, who specialise in the manfacturing of corrugated sheetboard.

We have been working with Board24 since 2010. We initially supplied a cost effective email marketing solution to Board24 which would allow them to communicate their supply Lead times to their customers, using a simple and efficient system. Board24 branded email templates were created which would be instantly recognisable by their users.  

Due to the success of the email marketing solution we were given the opportunity to design and build a new Board24 website. The previous website lacked clear call to actions for customers to contact the team whether it was for specific enquiries or sales advice, we felt that by having a clear telephone number and contact details would allow users to contact them effortlessly.

In general the previous website lacked detail of specific services and products. We wanted to allow users to find information about products effortlessly, and give a detailed and simplistic explanation once they arrived there. The homepage flash animation had to go due the risk of reducing the Google rankings considerably and also impair the rankings for the content within the rest of the site.

The sheet price calculator was created to allow users to easily calculate the quantity and profile of board they would require, they could then request a quote which would be sent to the sales team to confirm the current prices. The sheet calculator also allowed users to confirm whether their requirements met the correct criteria, if the criteria was incorrect the validation would flag up with an error message and advise them of which options or figures to change. This would also eliminate the Sales Team receiving quote requests which wouldn't meet the criteria. We also created a similar calculator for Board24's Casemaker.


Board24 - web design, development, by 3bit studio ltd Board24 - web design, development, by 3bit studio ltdq Board24 - web design, development, by 3bit studio ltdq